Eyam Surgery Facilities

Eyam surgery provides the following facilities for its patients:

New Patients

We take patients within a 10-11 mile boundary of the surgery at Eyam and we like all our new patients to see the nurse/HCA as soon after registration as possible. This will enable them to discuss any ongoing health problems they may have. The practice is committed to health promotion and illness prevention therefore our support can be offered at this meeting.

Antenatal Clinics

They are held every other Thursday from 9am. An appointment is necessary. Our midwife, Lucy Wareing, will take care of you and the baby before and after the birth. She will also be at the birth (when at home) whenever possible. You will be given details of how to contact her outside of her surgery hours.

Asthma Clinics

The surgery has no specific clinics you can ring and make an appointment at any time to see one of the nurses.


If you would like a chaperone* to be present during an examination with any of our clinicians let the receptionist know when you make the appointment.

*A chaperone is present as a safeguard for all parties (patient and clinicians) and is a witness to continuing consent of the procedure.

Child Health Clinics

Paediatric (6-8weeks) and post birth appointments can be arranged with any doctor at any of the surgeries. When your child needs a development assessment an appointment time will be made by the Health Visitor Paula McCann. She holds drop in and appointment only clinics at both Eyam and Bradwell Surgery.

The practice nurses immunise children so an appointment can be made Mon to Fri at Eyam and Thursday afternoon at Bradwell

Podiatry Clinics (chiropody)

Lyndsey Carruthers is a podiatrist based at Newholme Hospital. She also runs a clinic at Eyam Surgery one Friday morning a month. Appointments can only be made by contacting the team at Newholme Hospital on 01629 817973.

Family Planning Advice and Guidance

All our doctors are happy to give Family Planning advice, including the fitting of coils, implants and the "morning after" pill. Sue Dear has received special training in this area and will be pleased to assist in anyway. Annual check-ups are given and you will be invited to attend at your convenience. Dr Evans can also insert the "implanon".

Physiotherapy Clinics

Eyam Surgery patients are given a choice as to whether they receive their physiotherapy treatment at Eyam surgery, Bradwell surgery or at Newholme Hospital. The doctor will recommend physiotherapy treatment or you can refer yourself. You can make your first appointment by calling Newholme Hospital once they have received the paper copy of your referral. You will have your first appointment within 1-2weeks of the referral if you ring immediately. Arrangements can also be made for the physiotherapist to visit housebound patients in their home.

Travel Advice and Immunisation Facilities

For patients who are travelling abroad allow 6-8 weeks prior to the departure for vaccinations and medication. If you are travelling to more than 2 countries please telephone the travel clinic at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and make an appointment there. https://www.sth.nhs.uk/travel-clinic. If you are travelling to 2 countries or less please complete the form attached to the What's New section of our website, or speak to one of our receptionists. You will need to bring the completed form along with you to your initial appointment with a nurse. Advice for travellers is also available at www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk.

Bakewell and Eyam Community Transport

The community bus operates on alternate Tuesday's and Wednesday's 11.30am - 12.30pm. This is a service for the elderly, infirm and any patient that has difficulty in getting transport to the surgery. Please ring reception for further information and to make an appointment.

Wheelchair Access

We understand the needs of disabled people and have ensured Eyam Surgery meets their requirements both in terms of design and staff training.

Our Surgery has been designed to allow wheelchair access to all clinical rooms and WC. There are also designated Disabled parking spaces available. However, if you do not have mobility issues, please do not abuse this facility.

There is a car park at the front and to the side of the building for use by mobile patients.

Unfortunately, not all these facilities are available at our Branch surgeries. Please see below:

Eyam Surgery

  • Disabled car parking spaces
  • Entrance ramp and handrail
  • Accessible bell at entrance
  • Induction loop at Reception desk
  • Waiting space for wheelchair users

Bradwell Surgery

  • Entrance ramp and handrail
  • Accessible bell at entrance
  • Waiting space for wheelchair users

Grindleford Surgery

  • Unfortunately, this branch is not suitable for wheelchair users

Cervical Smears

Women between the ages of 25 and 65 are invited to make an appointment with the nurse. The invitations originate from Chesterfield Royal Hospital and they occur every 3 years for women aged 25 to 50 and every 5 years for 50 to 65 year olds. Please ring to make an appointment if you receive an invitation.

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